Tree of Life mosaic up!!!

Tree of Life mosaic was completely installed today at MacArthur and Grand in front of Clausen House. APNG was the recipient of graffiti abatement grant funds secured through Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney’s office. Thanks to Casey Farmer for helping us receive the grant money and for picking up and dropping off supplies from Home Depot! Thanks also to APNG members┬áTaylor McAdam, Max Bouril, Jill Cunningham, and Colin Hicks for their help with prepping, installing, and grouting the mosaic.

As part of the same grant, you will see more mosaic going up on MacArthur at Grand, Van Buren, Vernon and Adams. Thanks to Roberto Costa for his work on these.

Please consider making a donation to APNG so we can continue to improve our neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Tree of Life mosaic up!!!

    1. Hi Ronna,
      Thanks for your support. The donate text has been updated, so to donate, please click on the “Donate Now” button. While we like to notify contributors that their donations are for various beautification projects, if you’d like to specify the mosaics, that’s ok too.

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