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The leadership board of APNG met the other night at the Bellevue Club. Here are some discussion points:

Our neighborhood services coordinator, Hoang Banh, met with us to discuss implementing By Laws and having elected members of the Board. We made having by laws a goal for 2015.

Barbara reported on her meeting with the City re: installing banners along Grand Av. Fundraising discussion followed. Jill will coordinate fundraising. Barbara will continue discussions with the City regarding installation.

Carole gave financial report.

We discussed the holiday party location and Adams Point Angels.

Mosaic locations and effort to complete the Grand Av trash containers.

Leftover plants from the KAB planting last summer. Leftovers will be given to Tora Rocha and Derrick.

Non profit application? Keep status with Friends of OPR?

Website – update and donations to site.

Recruitment to leadership board. How to become and remain a member of the Board.


5 thoughts on “News from the Board…

  1. I’m not sure I understand all the various parallel adams point assembly points on the web. Can someone describe? Seems like now there are yahoo group, this website, next door, and somebody mentioned a google group. I am confused! If I want to sound an alert about a lost dog or something, what is the best thing to do?

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Adams Point Neighborhood Group is an organization and you can find out more about us by looking at our website, and we also have a Facebook page. The group has also had a yahoo listserve for quite some time, but this year we decided to move to google groups and we’re looking at discontinuing the yahoo listserve. We’re not affiliated with Next Door as an organization. I’m sorry for your confusion, but you’re welcome to post an alert on any of the web things you’ve mentioned.

          1. Ha, ha. On the top portion of our website, there’s a button that says, “Join our google group.” Click on that and it should work.

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