Adams Point Mosaic Project…

It’s been 3 years since the mosaic project started in Adams Point. We’re pleased to have almost all the city trash containers completed on Grand Avenue in Adams Point. The last to go up on Grand will be at Lenox. Look for it in the next few weeks!

There are more trash containers in Adams Point, but in order to do more, we have to raise funds. APNG leadership will be discussing this – whether to continue the project, do a fundraising campaign, or end the project. Be sure to let us know your thoughts, and consider making a tax deductible donation.

Happy summer!

Tree of Life 012Kaleidescope 001

Tree of Life mosaic up!!!

Tree of Life mosaic was completely installed today at MacArthur and Grand in front of Clausen House. APNG was the recipient of graffiti abatement grant funds secured through Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney’s office. Thanks to Casey Farmer for helping us receive the grant money and for picking up and dropping off supplies from Home Depot! Thanks also to APNG members Taylor McAdam, Max Bouril, Jill Cunningham, and Colin Hicks for their help with prepping, installing, and grouting the mosaic.

As part of the same grant, you will see more mosaic going up on MacArthur at Grand, Van Buren, Vernon and Adams. Thanks to Roberto Costa for his work on these.

Please consider making a donation to APNG so we can continue to improve our neighborhood.


Banners up!!

3.13.2015 011

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

We’re pleased to finally see the beginnings of our banner project come to fruition. The idea to have banners on Grand Avenue in Adams Point came to us from our past president, Iris Winogrond. That was 4-5 years ago. As we acquired a logo and photographs from the City of Oakland, we then worked with Whole Foods on the graphic, more work with the City, and voila! Special thanks to our leadership member, Barabara Azad for diligently working with the City to get these banners up!!

The APNG leadership team would like to raise more funds for more banners. They’re expensive – over $200 per banner. Please consider making a tax deductible donation on our website.

APNG holiday party….

APNG had our annual holiday party at Whole Foods the other night. We honored our Adams Point Angels:

Ruth – has been beautifying the landscaping around the Veterans Building. Thank you Ruth for your hard work – it looks beautiful! Ruth is looking for volunteers to help her – please contact us via email if you’re interested.

Tora – is City of Oakland parks supervisor for the Adams Point area and beyond. She has been a source of constant support, encouragement, and motivation. She helped us greatlywith the planting over the summer.

Diana – has been beautifying the area around Lakeview Library. She’s been spending a lot of time collecting debris, and improving the landscaping.

Thank you all for helping Adams Point become more beautiful then it already is!!!

APNG holiday party 2014 012

News from the Board…

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our website!!!

The leadership board of APNG met the other night at the Bellevue Club. Here are some discussion points:

Our neighborhood services coordinator, Hoang Banh, met with us to discuss implementing By Laws and having elected members of the Board. We made having by laws a goal for 2015.

Barbara reported on her meeting with the City re: installing banners along Grand Av. Fundraising discussion followed. Jill will coordinate fundraising. Barbara will continue discussions with the City regarding installation.

Carole gave financial report.

We discussed the holiday party location and Adams Point Angels.

Mosaic locations and effort to complete the Grand Av trash containers.

Leftover plants from the KAB planting last summer. Leftovers will be given to Tora Rocha and Derrick.

Non profit application? Keep status with Friends of OPR?

Website – update and donations to site.

Recruitment to leadership board. How to become and remain a member of the Board.