Community Q&A with Oakland Fire Department (OFD)

On April 6, 2017 four representatives from the Oakland Fire Department (OFD) joined the Adams Point Neighborhood Group general meeting to answer questions from the community. Here are some key points the OFD shared to help stay safe:

  • In the case of a fire, call 9-1-1.  Call 9-1-1 also from your land line for an Oakland Police Department  (OPD) emergency.
  • For an OPD emergency using your cell phone , call OPD Emergency (510) 777.3211. 
  • Install and maintain smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The sooner you can catch a fire or increased levels of carbon monoxide, the better chances you have on putting the fire out or locating the source of the leak before it become unmanageable or lethal.
  • Get electrical outlets checked by an electrician if you suspect they are malfunctioning. This is a sure way to help prevent electrical fires.
  • Call the OFD if you smell gas or have a severe water leak. That’s right! OFD can also assist with water leaks.
  • Set up your Medical ID on your mobile phone. Make sure important medical information is easy accessible by emergency personnel whether you’re home or away. Not sure how? Here are steps…
  • Post important medical information in a prominent place at home. You may not always have your phone on you; your fridge is a good spot to post your medical info.
  • Living in an apartment building? Check that all exits are clearly marked with easily visible EXIT signs. Contact your landlord if any are missing or damaged.
  • Do not store combustible liquids inside your building/house. In the case of a fire, flammable liquids containers may fail and spill their contents, adding fuel to the fire.
  • If possible when a fire starts, leave the building and close the door behind you. The closed door can help reduce the spread of the fire.
  • If your building has a fire hose, learn how to use it. Only use a fire hose (water) for wood, paper and plastics fires. Do not use on fires caused by flammable liquids, gases, electrical equipment or cooking oils/fats. Our friends in New Zealand have some great tips.
  • Move out of the way for emergency vehicles. Time is of the essence in an emergency situation. Remember, if they were on their way to help/save you and your family, you wouldn’t want anyone to slow them down.
    • Pull over to the right when you see or hear an emergency siren.
    • Get more info on laws for sharing the road with emergency service vehicles.
  • Do not leave a fire or hot stove unattended.
  • Install a Knox Box near the entrance of your building. A Knox Box contains a key to your building, and the key to the Knox Box is kept by the fire department.
  • Fire extinguishers:
    • Have all fire extinguishers checked/inspected annually
    • Memory aid for how to use a fire extinguisher:
      • Pull pin
      • Aim nozzle at base of fire
      • Squeeze lever
      • Sweep side to side until fire is out

The closest OFD to Adams Point neighborhood: Station 15 @ 455 27th St. (located between Telegraph Ave. and Broadway).

We would like to thank OFD Captain Howard Holt and emergency responders Nicole McCall, Mike Andrews and Robert Garcia for their time and valuable tips for keeping Adams Point safe!

Let us know if you have any questions that the OFD didn’t cover. Leave a comment below and we’ll follow up with an answer.