About Us

The Adams Point Neighborhood Group is focused on reducing and preventing crime and beautifying our neighborhood.  The group is responsible for adorning close to 30 city trash containers with mosaic art using local artists to abate graffiti and enhance the neighborhood aesthetics.  The group has planted a garden at Grand Avenue and Ellita Avenue and recruited over 100 volunteers to plant native, drought-resistant plants next to city trees along Grand Avenue.  Look for our Grand Ave. light pole banners that depict beautiful scenes in Adams Point.

Mission Statement

The Adams Point Neighborhood Group was founded in 2006 and is comprised of residents, merchants, and other stakeholders who are committed to connecting, celebrating, and caring for the Adams Point neighborhood.

Membership and Boundaries

Anyone who lives, works, worships, or owns property in Adams Point can be a member. Adams Point is roughly defined as the area in between Lake Merritt, Harrison Street, and I-580.

Our Vision


  • An active and unified residential, business, and school community that engages in regular communications and community-building events
  • A vibrant and diverse business district that meets neighborhood service and shopping needs and is attractive to shoppers citywide
  • An attractive streetscape with a variety of common areas for a safe and inviting pedestrian experience with safe and easy transit by foot, bike, bus, and car
  • A safer environment
  • A well-maintained and clean environment

Our Goals


  • Continue to present guest speakers at meetings in order to build membership, build leadership council, disseminate information, work on issues, and build a stronger sense of overall identity for our neighborhood and business community.
  • Fundraisers – Social Media, $5,000 GoFundMe goal, Mosaic onsite fundraising.
  • Focus on keeping community informed about crime and safety, increasing banners and mosaic trash containers.
  • Elect a Safety Chairperson.


 Leadership Council

Carole Schultze, Secretary and Treasurer

Mary Boergers, Oakland Police Foundation Board Member, Crime Prevention, Fundraising, City Council.

Mary Boergers and Ana-Marie Jones, Safety Committee Co-Chairs. 

Ana-Marie Jones, Safety Committee “Safety Tips”

Barbara Azad, General Meeting and Leadership Facilitator and Co-Treasurer Project Action Teams

Beautification – Barbara and Mary
Lake Merritt Stewardship: Lake Merritt Institute
MacArthur Blvd.: Matt Lange (205 MacArthur House)
Lakeside Park Stewards: Barbara Schaaf and others (www.oaklandparkscoalition.org)
Public Art: Vivian Romero, Roberto Costa, Juan Lopez, Diana Sherman (HarriOak)

Communications – Barbara
Google Group
Yahoo Listserve
Next Door Adams Point
Gmail Account
Mailing List
Leadership Contact List
New Membership Outreach

Safety/Security – Mary and Ana-Marie Jones

“Safety Tips”: Ana-Marie Jones
CORE/Disaster Preparedness:
Lighting: Rebecca Brown (Urban Strategies Council), Hoang Banh
OPD Liaisons: Mary
Traffic Calming:  Mary

Whole Foods Corridor Robbery Prevention: Naomi Schiff (HarriOak)
Other Chronic Hot Spots/Blocks: NSC Hoang Banh, CRO Ken Bui

Social/Events – Carole 
Holiday Party Contact/Coordinator: Carole, Barbara, Mary, Ana-Marie 
National Night Out: Carole, Mary, Ana-Marie, Barbara

Apartment Managers Network:
Business District Liaison: TBD
Fundraising: Mary, Barbara, Carole, Ana-Marie
Finances: Carole and Barbara
Banners: Barbara


Our Accomplishments


  • Volunteer fundraising efforts resulted in Local Artist’s installation of  2  mosaic trash containers on Harrison St.
  • Elected Safety Chairperson.
  • Hosted National Night Out and Holiday Party that honored extraordinary volunteer efforts.
  • Partnered with local corporation to fundraise for banners and safety whistles.



  • Volunteer fundraising efforts resulted in 20 Banners on Grand Ave depicting our beautiful Adams Point/Lake Merritt area.
  • Local Artists designed 4 additional mosaic trash containers.
  • Established “Donate Now” Fundraising button on enhanced APNG website.
  • Hosted National Night Out and Holiday Party that celebrated community contributors.
  • Awarded Keep Oakland Beautiful Grant for mosaic trash containers.
  • Established Organizational Goals.


  • With a grant from Keep America Beautiful, worked with 100 volunteers to plant native, drought-resistant plants along Grand Avenue
  • Won clean water grant from Alameda County for mosaic trash container at Echo Glen Creek
  • March Madness fundraiser at Room 389 raised $500



  • Adams Point mosaic project continues with completion of 20 trash containers along Grand Avenue
  • 2nd Annual March Madness fundraiser at Room 389 garnered $500. Funds will be used for small improvement projects coordinated by Adams Point residents
  • Volunteer landscape architect designs, and APNG volunteers plant and maintain, garden at Elita and Grand Express Market
  • Inoperable phone booth removed at Ellita and Grand, and new phone booth replaces graffitied phone booth
  • Shine a Light walking groups begun around Adams Point. Twice per week, led by APNG Board members to abate crime
  • Coordinated with City of Oakland Transportation Services Division to conduct traffic counts on Grand Ave. for data towards pedestrian safety planning and capital grant; $648,600 awarded fall 2013


  • Awarded Keep Oakland Beautiful grant ($400) to begin work implementing mosaic designs on city trash containers – 10 trash containers completed by community volunteers
  • Raised over $1000 at mosaic work site for more improvement projects
  • First Annual March Madness fundraiser at Room 389 garnered $250 toward neighborhood improvement projects
  • Changed name from “Adams Point Action Council” to “Adams Point Neighborhood Group”
  • Finalized Adams Point Neighborhood Group logo


  • Organized Apartment Managers Connection: a network of apartment managers and homeowners association leaders working to improve safety and other conditions to help stabilize the population of a traditionally transitory neighborhood
  • Working on developing safe lighting in the area
  • Leading public arts projects

2010: APAC Looks at Public Affairs

  • Held forums for mayoral candidates, state and local ballot measures, ranked choice voting, and education issues
  • Sponsored weekly clean ups along MacArthur Blvd. along with Cornell Companies parolee house
  • Created Adams Point neighborhood Facebook page


  • Holiday social with toy and coat drive


  • Joint cleanups with Grimebusters (affiliated with Grand Lake Neighbors)
  • Assisted Adams Point Business Association in creating a business directory


  • Joint HarriOak/APAC Traffic Committee joined on-going Westlake Coalition efforts to work with City agencies to address Whole Foods traffic impact and design issues
  • Earth Day: successful MacArthur Blvd. cleanup (15 bags garbage)
  • Summer: Began Monthly Social Hour at Los Cantaros restaurant


  • Spurred participation in National Night Out
  • Neighborhood walking group